Match Report 7-0 Win vs. Taichung Chunghsing University

November 27, 2011

I think we were all surprised by the magnitude of our Sunday victory over Chunghsing University, given the very tough fight our last game 2 weeks ago with them was. According to Artem (who played with CHU), they were missing their keeper and some of their good Thai players. Ben and 1-2 others also commented they looked a bit tired. Nevertheless, they certainly played hard most of the match and even threatened our goal several times, particularly on corner kicks.

According to my records, the chronology of the first half went something like this:
10 minutes: Ben scores a header on an assist by Cesar
21 minutes: Cesar scores a beautiful one-touch shot off a small chip by Ben
22 minutes: Gaetan takes advantage of a keeper error to score
27 minutes: Gaetan scores another nice one off a long cross by Rob
35 minutes: Tom scores a nice goal off a cross by DJ
40 minutes: Rob scores another nice one off a deflected shot by Cathal

CHU seemed to settled back into a more stable defensive posture in the second half and did a much better job of containing Compass, which continued to have a variety of opportunities. Nothing happened, though, until the 88th minute when Tom got his second goal off an assist by Cesar.

Once we racked up a few goals, it became a fairly relaxed, fun match that allowed us to work on our passing game, move players around and enjoy things. I took the liberty of naming Cesar the Man of the Match, as he played very well throughout the game, got a goal and at least 2 assists.

I'll let you know what it's looking like for next Sunday. It appears that some of you are interested in pursuing the southern football weekend, and we also need to schedule our team farewell dinner with Seb in December.

Very well-done, guys!
Go Compass!