About Compass - Taichung Football Team

Taichung Compass Football Club was founded in the early '90s and has been one of the most decorated expatriate football / soccer clubs on the Island - consistently contending for, and sometimes winning, the foreign cup tournaments held four times per year in Taiwan.

We are based in Taichung, Taiwan - the third largest city on the Island - about 2 hours south of Taipei by car, or 1 hour by high speed rail.

Sponsored by the Compass Group and FuBar-and-Grill, we train and compete primarily on the Morrison Academy Campus - home to one of the best pitches on the Island. Training is typically mid week in the evenings, and matches on the weekends.

Our colors are red (home) and white (away).

We are always looking for new talent. If you can hold your own on the pitch, are interested in playing competitive football, and will be in Taichung for any length of time, please contact us.

Compass often plays at other pitches around the island. Here are some maps to those pages: