Match Report 5-4 Loss vs. Huiwen Highschool

Even though the final score wasn't to our liking, I got the impression that most of you had a good time on Sunday night and enjoyed the hard back-and-forth battle with the Huiwen squad. As Ben kept remarking, this is the kind of team that is good practice/training for us, while also certainly helping get us fit again (or, at the very least, reminding us how out-of-shape we are, haha).

Due to the non-stop running, it was probably very good that we played on a nice slightly cooler evening than what was a very hot afternoon. Ben opened up the scoring with a typically nice goal that he lobbed over the Huiwen keeper (who was in the habit of standing very far out). This was followed throughout the first half by a succession of Compass near-misses by Ben, Robert, Cesar, Daniel, Artem, Gaetan, etc. as we hit the post and crossbar 2-3 times and had their keeper diving all over. Huiwen came right back with two goals, but Eric--moving up from center defense on a corner, scored a beautiful hard direct shot that tied it 2-2. Huiwen put another one in in the last 8-10 minutes to lead 3-2 at the half.

Second half, a slightly rested Compass came out hard and saw Ben pull a Rooney, as he scored two more goals to tally up a hat trick and put Compass ahead 4-3. However, Huiwen fought back relentlessly in the final 20 minutes against a rapidly flagging Compass side, further depleted by an injured David and Eugene, who cramped up on schedule around the middle of the final half. He was joined in the final 10 minutes by a cramping Robert as well. In the meantime, Huiwen put in 2 more goals, including a final, very pretty shot straight down the middle from about 15+ yards out.

In my opinion, you all played a very hard, excellent game and showed good spirit and enthusiasm. It was great to have Eric, Cesar and Jose back with the team again after a couple months' hiatus and all three gave a great account of themselves Sunday. I also think that the good spirits at the end show our recognition that it was a fine game against worthy opponents that gave us some valuable experience to learn from and gel as a team. If we learn to cope with teams like Huiwen and PE College, we can compete with anyone in the Southern League or cup tournaments. I believe that our habit of playing these teams on a regular basis over the past 2-3 years is a big factor behind being one of the best international Taiwan sides.

Looking forward, I've emailed the Kaohsiung Massive captain about a match down there next weekend and he's checking with his side. If we can't get them, we could either try our luck with one of the local Taichung teams, or try for our other league away match vs. Tainan Phoenix. I've already spoken to Tubbies about perhaps trying for a match the weekend after, on Oct. 2, but that needs to be confirmed. Oct. 9 is probably an off weekend, given the Double 10 holidays, and then we hopefully will have another match at home Oct. 16 before the Taipei Cup tourney.

Stay fit physically and mentally, guys. We'll be needing each and every one of you in the coming weeks and months.

Go Compass!