Tainan Spring Tournament - Undefeated, But No Hardware

It is almost unbelievable that we failed to bring home any "hardware" this weekend, despite the fact that Compass went through five games with 2 wins, 3 ties and no goals scored against us. However, we can probably credit this to the strange tournament organization this time, with two groups of six, no semi-finals or third/fourth place games, etc.

Overall, there is certainly every reason that we can walk away feeling pretty good about the weekend. For anyone paying attention, I think there was little doubt that we were among the best teams there... We dominated midfield against most of our opponents, the defense held tough and offense had no small share of very near goals that just weren't lucky enough to go in. And congratulations to Yves and Michael for their very important goals.

Just to review, the game results were:

Compass vs. Tubbies 0-0 tie
Compass vs. Kaohsiung Old Boys 1-0 win (goal by Yves)
Compass vs. Taipei Shane 0-0 tie

Compass vs. Taipei JFC 1-0 win (goal by Michael)
Compass vs. Taipei Super Eagles 0-0 tie

A welcome to Daniel in his first games with Compass, and a sad farewell to our sole Irishman, who played his last game for Compass...for now, at least. We've really enjoyed the past year knowing you on and off the pitch, Gerry, and wish you all the best as you head on to Australia. Keep in touch and let us know when you're back this way again.

Over post-tourney beers and Fuburgers at FuBar, I was telling some of you that I have really enjoyed these away games and tournaments. There was a time when I felt the away matches were a real pain, but now I think they are among most enjoyable, memorable times we share as a team (no doubt driving down together in private cars vs. the nasty public buses also helps!). I look forward to many more Compass matches--at home and away--for a long time to come.

Let's start getting mentally and physically prepared for our next challenge--our Southern League home match vs. Tubbies two weekends from now, on the weekend of April 23/24. I'm sure you're with me in wanting this to be a good, strong win for us.

Once again, good job in Tainan, guys!